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Cosmetics – Silhouette Ibiza – Aesthetic Center in Ibiza



Silhouette Cosmetics

Our mission at Silhouette Ibiza is to offer you a place of wellness and relaxation with a feel good factor. Our professional expertise and the use of state-of-the-art equipment are an essential part of each one of our treatments as well as the exclusive use of the innovative Cosmetic Brand Anubis Cosmetics, a well-established make with over 35 years’ experience and we offer it to you here in Ibiza as their sole representative.

This Brand of intelligent cosmetics gets its name from the Egyptian god Anubis, he was in charge of returning the body to life, and responsible in making each body shine in all its splendour to enjoy eternal life. Anubis Cosmetics is one of the leaders Brand among other well-known intelligent cosmetic makes and over the years has been deserving of several awards and international recognition for its long trajectory in developing highly effective and innovative cosmetic treatments that cover the needs of every skin. It neither forgets about the environment and has built a sustainable concept in each one of its lines with a natural tendency in its formulas, without the use of parabens and free of mineral oils.


A Comprehensive response to cellular aging. Nourishing the skin in depth and offering it, optimal hydration, it also stimulates cell regeneration and thickens the dermis, strengthening it and thereby preventing sagging


Ultra-energizing treatment with ginseng and ginger, specially designed for male skin types. It restores the skin from the draining effects of day to day activities, visibly eliminating the signs of fatigue and stress. It also protects the skin from premature aging and damage caused by UV radiation, giving the skin a sensation of fresh comfort.


The quality of Mediterranean products and its health benefits are known worldwide. Anubis SPA Line combines these, providing a well-rounded treatment that covers all skin needs: toning, exfoliation, masks, hydration and nourishment. Mediterranean’s best ingredients combined with oriental techniques will immerse you in an intense pleasure of wellness and serenity.


Transparent Clinic is a Line of effective, innovative quality products that provide the best ally for your daily beauty skin care. A latest generation skin care line affordable and at your fingertips.


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